December 2021 - COVID-19 Traffic Light Update

As the country moves into the new traffic light system, Waikato will begin in Orange. For McKenzie Strawbridge, this will look a lot like level 2.


We ask you to:

  • Please wear a face covering while in our reception area. This includes dropping off papers and also waiting to see your accountant. There are masks available to you as you walk in the door.
  • Please sign in using our QR code. These are located on the wall directly in front of you as you walk in the door, on the paper drop off table, and also on the front counter.
  • Please drop your papers off on the small table located inside the door. This keeps distance over our reception desk.
  • If you are sick, please reschedule your appointment. We also have the availability to create a Zoom meeting if you cannot make it into the office.


Our reception team will be wearing face coverings while you are in the office. We will clean and disinfect shared surfaces often.


If you have any queries around our COVID-19 health and safety protocols, please do not hesitate to ring the office - 07 873 7049.


Please note, we do not require to check My Vaccine Pass for any clients, however we do ask you respect our above protocols when entering the office.